Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about The Farm Experience

What is The Farm Experience?
The Farm Experience is a place where you can go to learn about and interact with farm animals. Our tagline is “No Fences” which means you get to experience the animals the same way we do without a fence between you and the animal! For More info or to plan a visit click on our BOOK NOW tab.
What is a private Tour?

Tours are for up to 10 people, because it is private, you are able to customize the tour and make sure you get the experience that you want!

What animals do you have on the farm?

Horses, Cows, Goats, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Chickens, and our cat (Pepsi) might even pay a visit 🙂

What activities will we be able to choose from for our tour?

• Milk a cow or goat by hand
• Learn how to milk a cow or goat using a milking machine
• Bottle feed a calf or goat
• Cuddle with a cow
• Hug a horse
• Play with goats
• Groom a horse
• Give a cow, goat or horse a bath
• Pet or hold a chicken
• Check the chicken coop for fresh eggs
• Ride a horse

What should I wear?

• Closed toe shoes appropriate for a farm – NO Exceptions
• Comfortable clothes appropriate for a farm
• No hanging jewelry (so our goats aren’t tempted to nibble on it, they like shiney things)
• Sunscreen to protect your skin from the Florida sun

What do I need to bring?

• Signed liability waiver needs to be completed before you come, If this is not completed before you arrive it will take away time from the tour.

• Water or sports drink


Questions about our Animals

Why are dairy cows skinny?

The short answer is genetics. We raise registered Brown Swiss dairy cows, and just like all dairy cows they have been bred over time to produce more milk. As a result, their bodies are very efficient at converting the food and water they consume into milk.  Conversely beef cows have been bread over time to convert what they eat into muscle and fat.  That is why dairy cows are skinnier than beef cows.