Private Farm Tours

$39/per person ($117 minimum on Monday-Friday – 3 people included in minimum)
$39/per person ($156 minimum on Weekends – 4 people included in minimum)
1-15  people (larger parties can be accommodated, please call for more info)

 Note on Pricing: It has always been our goal to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to experience our farm and animals.  Due to the high demand on weekends, we have unfortunately had to turn many people away.  We have decided to incentivize larger groups on weekends by increasing our minimum booking price for weekend tours.  Our hope is that family and friends will come together to enjoy a private tour!  That being said we never want to exclude anyone who wants to come, and we know the crazy times we are living in with COVID-19, so if you have a smaller group and are willing to pay the weekend minimum please don’t hesitate to book!  We are trying our best to accommodate everyone, so if you are a smaller group, and the weekend minimum is too much, please consider booking a weekday tour!

We look forward to welcoming you to our homestead!

Our Private Tours are completely customizable to provide you with the exact Farm Experience that you want! All our encounters are up close and personal with no fence between you and the animals, it is a true animal lovers dream!

Our first and last tours of the day (9:00 AM and 2:30 PM) include a milking demonstration using a milking machine in addition to the hand milking experience.

Examples of what you can incorporate in YOUR Farm Experience:

• Milk a cow or goat by hand (Based on availability, guide will determine whether it will be a cow or goat)
• Bottle feed a baby cow or goat (based on availability and only on 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM Tours)
• Cuddle with a cow
• Hug a horse
• Play with goats (Goat Giggles)
• Wash a horse
• Wash a cow
• Wash a goat
• Groom a horse
• Ride a horse (Not availible May through September)(Weight Limit 150 lbs)
• Hold a Bunny
• Hold a chicken
• Check the chicken coop for fresh eggs


Disclaimer: We do our best to provide you with the exact experience that you ask for (and hopefully even better). That being said, all of our experiences are subject to availability. Our number one priority is our animal’s health and safety and sometimes circumstances outside of our control can prevent us from providing certain activities. We thank you for your understanding, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our babies!